Maintenance cost claim

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Final report

Each year we approve actual maintenance costs for each of Aurizon Network’s coal systems.

In our assessment, we focus on the extent to which Aurizon Network’s actual maintenance costs, for each coal system, are consistent with the approved maintenance strategy and budget (MSB), subject to identified materiality thresholds.

Where the maintenance cost claim is consistent with the approved MSB, we will approve Aurizon Network’s actual expenditure. Where there are material differences, we assess those maintenance costs and activities on the basis of prudency and efficiency. We have regard to Aurizon Network’s obligations to ensure that committed capacity is delivered and to coordinate outages with other supply chain participants.

The assessment framework is set out in clause 7A.11.5 of the 2017 access undertaking.

Maintenance cost claim 2021–22

On 23 September 2022, Aurizon Network submitted its maintenance cost claim for 2021–22.  We received no comments on this matter by the due date for submissions, which was10 October 2022.

On 16 November 2022, we approved Aurizon Network’s maintenance cost claim.

Title Document
16 November 2022 Final report QCA – Aurizon Network maintenance cost claim 2021-22 – QCA letter (FINAL) pdf, 254.64 Kb
02 June 2023 , NaN b
Title Document
26 September 2022 Submission Aurizon Network – FY22 maintenance claim final (public_redacted) pdf, 4.93 Mb

Maintenance cost claim 2020–21

Aurizon Network submitted its maintenance cost claim for 2020–21 on 29 September 2021. We invited submissions from stakeholders but did not received any.

We approved the 2020-21 maintenance cost claim on 18 November 2021.

Title Document
18 November 2021 AN FY21 Maintenance cost claim – QCA letter and decision notice pdf, 353.74 Kb
Title Document
07 October 2021 Submission Aurizon – FY21 maintenance claim final REDACTED pdf, 2.12 Mb