From time to time, we engage external consultants to provide expert advice to help us make decisions or to identify which course of action to take. 

Our procurement practices are in line with the requirements of Queensland Government’s Queensland Procurement Policy and recognised best practice. 

In accordance with the Queensland Government’s Queensland Procurement Policy, all consultancies are offered under the terms and conditions contained in the Queensland Competition Authority’s standard Consultancy Agreement.

Any queries regarding this agreement should be directed to the Director of Corporate Services (07) 3222 0505.

Although most contracts are awarded on a one-off basis, from time to time we publically invite contractors and consultants to be on panels.

The purpose of panels is to pre-qualify suppliers of specialist services against set criteria for a defined task. These pre-qualified businesses form the panel from which the QCA will invite tenders for future work (up to two years).

Invitations to be on a panel are advertised in Queensland and National Press.

The QCA also has access to the Standard Offer Arrangements with the Queensland Government and accesses a number of panels through these arrangements.

If during the course of your engagement by the QCA as a consultant you wish to raise any grievances or make a complaint please contact the Director of Corporate Services on (07) 3222 0505 or email

If you have a question regarding outstanding invoice payment please contact our Finance and Administration Manager on (07) 3222 0529 or send an email to