2018 Electric traction DAAU

Past review

The QCA refused to approve Aurizon Network’s 2018 electric traction DAAU. The reason was that this DAAU was submitted under the 2016 access undertaking, which was replaced with the approved 2017 access undertaking.

We also published our response to the 2018 electric traction DAAU, to give stakeholders an insight into our views at that time.

The decision notice and response document are available below.

On 5 November 2018, we received Aurizon Network’s draft amending access undertaking (DAAU) seeking approval to amend the electric traction tariff (AT5) under the 2016 access undertaking.

Submission on this DAAU closed on Monday 17 December 2018. We received five submissions, from Aurizon Coal, BMA, Fitzroy Australia Resources, Pacific National and Pembroke, within this submission deadline.

Subsequently, we received a further three submissions after the stated deadline, from Coronado, Jellinbah Group and Peabody.

The DAAU, stakeholders’ submissions and related material are available below.

Aurizon Network submitted a draft amending access undertaking (DAAU) to amend the 2016 access undertaking regarding the electric traction tariff (AT5). The AT5 recovers the costs for the electric infrastructure that provides power to the electric locomotives in the Blackwater and Goonyella systems. Aurizon Network proposed to change the way the AT5 is calculated.

That was the second time Aurizon Network submitted a DAAU regarding the AT5 under the 2016 access undertaking. We made a final decision in August 2018 to refuse to approve the 2017 Electric traction DAAU.

Aurizon Network’s submission is available for download below.

Date Action
5 November 2018 Aurizon Network submitted the 2018 electric traction DAAU
6 November 2018 The QCA published the DAAU and invited stakeholder submissions
17 December 2018 Stakeholder submissions closed
19 February 2019 The QCA published late submissions on the DAAU
21 March 2019 The QCA refused to approve the DAAU