Welcome to our new website

We are pleased to welcome you to our new website after months of development. Based on users’ feedback, we have created a site free from clutter with built-in features to help you quickly find the information you need.

New home page

There is no more wasted space on the home page, with the new design allowing you to quickly and easily navigate to the project you are looking for.

The menu is a streamlined version of the menu on the old site. Therefore, users who already know where to find what they need can follow the same route they always have. The dedicated ‘Submissions’ menu item can be used to submit documents through one click—from anywhere on the site.

The project boxes show all QCA projects ordered by date. They can be filtered by industry or project status, allowing you to hide the information that you are not interested in. Project status has three categories: ‘in progress’—for projects still under review; ‘in effect’—for finalised but active projects; and ‘past review’—for historical information on previous projects.

At the bottom of the page are additional links for quick navigation around the site. These footer links are available on every page.

You can use the search box in the top right corner to access our vastly improved search function. Type a search term here to access the search page.

Search page

A major part of the new development has been taken up designing a search engine that works well. The QCA website contains a massive amount of information and thousands of documents. Metadata has been added to all information sources so that searches now return usable results. We will continue to add and refine the metadata over the coming months, improving the search data to return more relevant and useful information.

The search results can be further refined by all the metadata that has been added to the site. The filters are on the left hand side and the results will automatically update as you make each selection.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback—helping us to create a site that will be more useful for everyone.