Supplementary regulated retail electricity tariffs for regional Queensland in 2020–21

The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) has today released its final determination of supplementary regulated retail electricity tariffs for regional Queensland to apply in 2020–21.

The QCA Chair, Professor Flavio Menezes, said that two ministerial delegations had been issued, asking the QCA to set 11 additional regulated retail tariffs to be introduced in regional Queensland.

“We have released one determination for the two reviews. It combines the final notified prices for 11 new retail tariffs, comprising a suite of eight small customer retail tariffs and three large customer retail tariffs. This includes retail tariffs for three new load control tariffs developed by Energex and Ergon Distribution at the network level,” Professor Menezes said.

“Customers will have access to the three load control tariffs from 1 November 2020 and to the additional eight tariffs from 1 January 2021.”

Professor Menezes said it is important to note this determination does not otherwise affect the existing tariff schedule or prices, and all new tariffs will be offered on an opt-in basis only. He also encouraged interested customers to contact Ergon Energy Retail for more information and to check whether the new tariffs are suitable for them, given their individual needs and circumstances.

The prices for these additional tariffs have been set in accordance with the Queensland Government’s uniform tariff policy, which means most regional customers pay less for electricity than it costs to supply them. Professor Menezes noted the final notified prices for all 11 tariffs have remained unchanged from draft prices published in August 2020.

The notified prices are only available to standard contract customers in regional Queensland.

The prices are in the final determination on the QCA’s website.

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