Regulated Retail Electricity Prices 2015-16

The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) today announced a new round of consultations on its 2015–16 review of regulated retail electricity prices.

“The QCA takes very seriously its responsibility to consult with people affected by its decisions.  Over the last seven months, we have consulted widely about regional electricity prices for 2015–16. We have held workshops across Queensland. A draft determination was released in December 2014,” said QCA chairman Malcolm Roberts.

The State Government announced today that regulated electricity prices will be retained in south east Queensland for 2015–16. The QCA has been asked to expand its 2015–16 determination to cover customers in south east Queensland as well as regional Queensland.

“To ensure businesses and customers in south east Queensland can express their views, the QCA will conduct a new round of consultations over the next few weeks. While the draft determination explains the issues and our preliminary views, we will soon release a consultation paper to highlight the specific issues for customers in south east Queensland.

“We plan to hold a workshop in Brisbane on 12 May.

“The need for another round of consultation will delay slightly the release of our 2015–16 determination (originally scheduled for 29 May). We expect to release the 2015–16 determination on 12 June,” said Malcolm Roberts.

We encourage interested parties to register for the workshop on our website at: (link no longer active) or by calling (07) 3222 0555.

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