QCA publishes final decision on Aurizon Network's 2014 draft access undertaking

The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) has issued a final decision on Aurizon Network’s 2014 draft access undertaking.

QCA Chair Professor Roy Green said the QCA’s final decision is to refuse to approve the draft access undertaking and to indicate the way in which a revised access undertaking can be achieved within a reasonable time frame.

“Our final decision details the amendments required to enable Aurizon Network to submit a revised draft access undertaking that could be accepted by the QCA,” said Professor Green.  

“After an extensive consultation and assessment process involving over 130 detailed submissions from coal producers, train operators, and Aurizon Network, we are confident that our final decision provides a clear pathway for the approval of a revised access undertaking before the end of this financial year.

“Provided that Aurizon Network’s revised application is consistent with the QCA’s final decision, and submitted in a timely manner, approval of a replacement access undertaking could occur this financial year.”

The QCA also acknowledged the hard work undertaken by all involved to address a number of complex and time-consuming issues associated with the 2014 draft access undertaking, and noted that there is room for improvement in the process by which a satisfactory outcome may be achieved.

“In the future, this process will require greater focus and collaboration by all stakeholders in the supply chain,” Professor Green said.

“Our common objective is to realise innovation and productivity improvements that promote employment and economic development opportunities, particularly across regional Queensland”.

The central Queensland coal network is operated by Aurizon Network and is a key component of Queensland’s coal supply chain, delivering coal from mines across central Queensland to the ports of Abbot Point, Gladstone and Hay Point. 

The QCA’s final decision and supporting documents are available at the QCA’s website.



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