New timetable for final decision on Aurizon Network undertaking

Today the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) released a new timetable for settling access rules for the coal rail freight network in central Queensland.  

“The QCA expects to issue a final decision on Aurizon Network’s 2014 Draft Access Undertaking (UT4) on 30 October 2015,” said QCA Chairman Malcolm Roberts.

“We had planned for a final decision on 30 July 2015 but it is clear from the submissions responding to our draft decision that more time is needed.

“We are releasing the submissions today to help stakeholders assess the issues still in dispute.
“The QCA will consider carefully the views raised in all submissions.

“In particular, the QCA will examine claims from Aurizon Network that the QCA is exceeding its powers when it proposes amendments to Aurizon’s draft undertaking.”
“It is disappointing that the undertaking will require more time to complete but stakeholders were advised last year that delivering a final decision in July 2015 was contingent on the scope and complexity of the issues raised by stakeholders in response to our draft decision.

“The QCA will work assiduously with industry to resolve all the issues as quickly as possible. 
“In the meantime, we expect to approve transitional tariffs for 2015-16 by 30 June 2015,” said Malcolm Roberts.

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