Capital expenditure preapproval

In effect

Queensland Rail’s approved 2016 access undertaking allows it to seek preapproval of capital expenditure projects, under schedule E.

Toowoomba Range slope stabilisation

We accepted Queensland Rail’s request for preapproval for its Toowoomba Range slope stabilisation project.

Queensland Rail sought our preapproval of the prudency of scope and standard of its Toowoomba Range slope stabilisation project, under schedule E of the 2016 access undertaking. The aim of the project is to reduce the risk of landslides on the Toowoomba Range rail corridor. Some stakeholders support the project.

In making the decision, we had regard to the relevant assessment criteria, and took on board advice from its engineering consultant as well as stakeholders’ views.

Relevant documents, including Queensland Rail’s request and our decision notice, are available below.

We appointed an engineering consultant (Arcadis) to assess the prudency of scope and standard works of Queensland Rail’s Toowoomba Range slope stabilisation project. Arcadis provided us with an initial report and an addendum.

New Hope Group and Queensland Rail made submissions on the Arcadis’ intial report. Queensland Rail’s submission included additional material to support its proposal.

These documents are available below.

Date Action
3 August 2018 QR submitted the project for preapproval
18 December 2018 The QCA published its consultant’s report
29 January 2019 Submission period closed—the QCA received one submission
1 March 2019 QR submitted a response to the consultant’s report
27 March 2019 The QCA received an addendum to its consultant’s report
18 April 2019 The QCA accepted QR’s request for preapproval