Our role

We are the independent economic regulator of water and wastewater services in Queensland. 

Drinking water supply and wastewater management are essential for the community. Water is a key input into agriculture, livestock farming, forestry, energy production, industry and tourism as well as terrestrial ecosystems.

A lack of competition in the supply of water services can result in unnecessarily high prices and a lower quality of service. It can also impede innovation. Economic regulation can help in solving these problems.

Through transparent and independent economic regulation we seek to ensure that consumers pay a fair price for water and wastewater services in Queensland.

We help to ensure regulated monopolies do not spend or charge more than they should for efficient and sustainable services.

Our roles in relation to the water industry are to:

  • investigate the pricing practices of declared monopoly water providers
  • mediate access and supply disputes
  • investigate matters relevant to the implementation of competition policy.

We can investigate urban water (for cities, towns and suburbs) and rural water (irrigation on farms and for regional areas).  

Of the more than 150 water service providers in Queensland, we have investigated or monitored the water and wastewater activities of eight: