DBCT arbitration guideline

In effect
Final report

The DBCT arbitration guideline provides guidance on resolving disputes in relation to the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT) service when we are the arbitrator.

The guideline is intended to promote workable and effective dispute resolution processes and to help parties to an access dispute to prepare well when they bring a dispute to us.

Version 3 is the latest version of the guideline. Additions to the previous version include:

  • more emphasis on the role of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation, in achieving negotiated outcomes
  • advice on how to lodge a dispute
  • templates of documents we will expect parties to complete before and during the dispute resolution process.

The updated guideline, a stakeholder notice and a submission on the draft guideline, are available below.

We developed the DBCT arbitration guideline as part of the regulatory process that led to our approval of the 2021 DBCT access undertaking, although it does not form part of the undertaking.

Key events relating to the guideline are summarised below.

26 August 2020 Draft guideline published to accompany draft decision on DBCT 2019 draft access undertaking (DAU)
30 March 2021 Version 1 published to accompany final decision on DBCT 2019 DAU
1 July 2021 Version 2 published to accompany final approval of DBCT 2021 undertaking
22 October 2021 Draft version 3 published for comment
12 November 2021 Comments due on draft version 3
20 December 2021 Version 3 published


Report and papers

Title Document
20 December 2021 Final report DBCT arbitration guideline version 3 pdf, 674.52 Kb
20 December 2021 Notice QCA Notice – DBCT arbitration guideline final version 3 pdf, 111.55 Kb
20 December 2021 Final report DBCT arbitration guideline version 3 – markup against draft pdf, 684.79 Kb
12 November 2021 Submission DBCT User Group submission – Draft arbitration guideline pdf, 47.83 Kb
Title Document
22 October 2021 Notice QCA—Stakeholder notice—comments on arbitration guideline pdf, 164.23 Kb
22 October 2021 Draft report QCA—Arbitration guideline—draft version 3 marked up pdf, 675.63 Kb
Title Document
01 July 2021 Other documents QCA—Arbitration guideline version 2 (July 2021) pdf, 629.16 Kb