Climate change expenditure review 2022–23

In progress

We are reviewing whether we need to refine our regulatory approaches, given the climate change risks and opportunities that now confront businesses we regulate.

We have published a draft position paper. It covers spending on both adapting to climate change and mitigating greenhouse emissions. The paper sets out our preliminary positions on how our existing regulatory approaches can be applied to considering spending proposals from regulated businesses.

We are open to considering climate related proposals from regulated businesses on their merits. We encourage regulated businesses pursuing climate strategies to agree them with their customers, and to bring us business cases that support those strategies. We will approve spending that is prudent and efficient.

The draft position paper reflects stakeholders’ comments on a discussion paper we published in October 2022.

Our draft position paper and discussion paper, and the stakeholder submissions, are available to download below.

We invite further comments from stakeholders on our draft position paper. Those comments are due by 23 June 2023. We will then produce a final position paper.

Stakeholder forum 15 May

We will be holding a forum on our draft position paper on 15 May 2023 from 2 pm to 4 pm. Members of the QCA Board as well as staff will attend.

The forum will be a hybrid event. Attendees can participate in person at our office at 145 Ann Street, Brisbane, or via Zoom.

We ask that parties who would like to participate in the forum register no later than Friday, 5 May. For further details, see our stakeholder notice.


24 October 2022 Discussion paper published
16 December 2022 Stakeholder submissions due
22 December 2023 Stakeholder submissions published
21 April 2023 Draft position paper published
15 May 2023 Stakeholder forum
23 June 2023 Further submissions due
Third quarter 2023 Final position paper


Reports and papers

Title Document
21 April 2023 Draft report QCA – draft position paper on climate change expenditure pdf, 1.34 Mb
Title Document
21 April 2023 Notice QCA – stakeholder notice re public forum on climate change expenditure pdf, 75.80 Kb
Title Document
16 December 2022 Submission Aurizon Network – Climate change expenditure pdf, 519.21 Kb
16 December 2022 Submission Aurizon Network – Frontier Economics climate report pdf, 1.11 Mb
16 December 2022 Submission DBCT User Group – Climate change expenditure pdf, 281.44 Kb
16 December 2022 Submission Dalrymple Bay Infrastructure Management – Climate change expenditure pdf, 1.67 Mb
16 December 2022 Submission Gladstone Area Water Board – Climate change expenditure pdf, 572.31 Kb
16 December 2022 Submission Pacific National – Climate change expenditure pdf, 333.87 Kb
16 December 2022 Submission Queensland Resources Council – Climate change expenditure pdf, 288.46 Kb
16 December 2022 Submission Urban Utilities – Cover letter – Climate change pdf, 274.68 Kb
16 December 2022 Submission Urban Utilities – Climate change expenditure pdf, 485.95 Kb
19 December 2022 Submission Queensland Health – Climate change expenditure pdf, 54.89 Kb
09 February 2023 Submission Seqwater – Climate change expenditure pdf, 1.32 Mb
Title Document
24 October 2022 Consultation paper QCA – Discussion paper on climate change pdf, 531.07 Kb