Aurizon Network's 2017 access undertaking (UT5)

In effect

Aurizon Network’s 2017 access undertaking sets out the terms and conditions under which Aurizon Network provides access to its rail infrastructure in central Queensland. It also outlines the process required for an access seeker to negotiate access to the infrastructure, and the way disputes in relation to access are to be resolved.

Aurizon Network’s 2017 access undertaking came into effect on 21 February 2019. The undertaking is subject to amendment through a draft amending access undertaking (DAAU) process under the QCA Act.

The most recent 2017 access undertaking is based on the approvals listed below.

Date approved Approved access undertaking and DAAUs
21 February 2019 2017 DAU (amended), which became the 2017 access undertaking
24 June 2019 Amended by the reference tariff variation DAAU
18 July 2019 Amended by the 2019 electric traction DAAU
19 December 2019 Amended by the UT5 DAAU
21 February 2020 Amended by the consolidation DAAU
22 October  2020 Amended by the maintenance and cross system voting DAAU
17 December 2020 Amended by the MDS pricing DAAU
26 May 2022 Amended by the Insurance DAAU
16 November 2022 Amended by the EC DAAU
16 February 2023 Amended by the Minerva DAAU
23 March 2023 Amended by the Resubmitted concept study DAAU
23 March 2023 Amended under the Reset Schedule F values process
24 August 2023 Amended by the Rebate mechanism DAAU
22 February 2024 Amended by the GAPE and Newlands pricing DAAU

Aurizon Network’s 2017 access undertaking and relevant standard agreements, as approved by the QCA, are found below.

2017 access undertaking

Standard access agreement

Standard rail connection agreement

Standard studies funding agreement

Standard train operations deed

Aurizon Network can seek to vary its approved access undertaking at any time by submitting a draft amending access undertaking (DAAU) to the QCA under the QCA Act.

DAAU Status
UT5 DAAU Approved on 19 December 2019
Reference tariff variation DAAU Approved on 24 June 2019
2019 Electric traction DAAU Approved on 18 July 2019
2019 Volume Reset DAAU Withdrawn on 25 February 2020
Consolidation DAAU Approved on 21 February 2020
Maintenance and Cross System Voting DAAU Approved on 22 October 2020
MDS Pricing DAAU Approved on 17 December 2020
Insurance DAAU
Approved on 26 May 2022
Electric Energy Charge DAAU Approved on 22 November 2022
Concept Study DAAU
Approved on 23 March 2023
GAPE-Newlands pricing DAAU
Approved on 22 February 2024
Minerva DAAU
Approved on 16 February 2023
Rebate Mechanism DAAU
Approved on August 2023


We monitor Aurizon Network’s ongoing compliance with its 2017 access undertaking.

Aurizon Network is obliged to undertake a number of activities in accordance with its undertaking, some of which require our approval (e.g. annual approval of capital expenditure, revenue cap adjustments and reference tariff variations).

We also assess ad hoc requests for approval of matters required by the undertaking.

Compliance activities

Adjustment charges

Annual reference tariff review

Capital expenditure claim

Guidance paper on pricing of shared infrastructure

Maintenance claim

Maintenance strategy and budget

Private incremental costs

RAB roll-forward 

Revenue adjustment amounts

Review of rebate mechanism

Reference tariff adjustments

Review of the independent expert

Standard Rail Connection Agreement

System rules