Information privacy

The Queensland Information Privacy Act 2009 (the IP Act) sets out rules that govern how we can collect, store, use and give out your personal information.

This includes rules about who can view your personal information, and where and how it must be stored.

When we are collecting your personal information we will:

  • only ask you for as much information as we need for our purposes
  • do so by legal and fair means
  • tell you why we want to collect your information, what we will use it for and, if we give it to anyone else, who they are
  • not intrude more than we need to into your private life.

When we store your personal information we will:

  • keep it in a safe place and secure it from unauthorised access, use, change, disclosure or other misuse
  • make sure you can easily find out what personal information we have of yours, what it is being used for and how you can apply to see it
  • in most cases, let you see it or correct it when you ask.

What we will not do with your personal information:

  • use your information without first checking it is correct and up to date
  • use or give out more of your information than we need to
  • use your information for any other purpose than what we collected it for (unless required by law)
  • share your information with areas outside of the QCA (unless required by law)
  • send your information outside Australia (except in specific situations).

We will provide informal (administrative) access and amendment options to people wherever practicable.

However, the IP Act provides a formal mechanism for anyone to apply to access or amend their own personal information.

To apply, complete the application form and return to us by one of the following methods



(07) 3222 0599


Information Handling Officer
GPO Box 2257
Qld 4001

In person

Level 27, 145 Ann Street
QLD 4000

You have the right to make a complaint if we breach one of your privacy rights.

If you think we have breached your privacy rights, please contact us on (07) 3222 0555 and ask to speak with our information handling officer.

If you are not happy with their response, send a written complaint (either by letter or email) to us outlining:

  • that you called and that you are not satisfied with the response
  • which privacy principle you think has been breached
  • what made you think they had breached the principle.

We will review your complaint and formally respond to your concerns.

If you are not happy with this response, you may be entitled to make a written complaint to the Office of the Information Commissioner (Queensland) but you must wait 45 days from when you first made your complaint.

For further information see the privacy complaint checklist.